Our Partners

Partnerships are key to the success of Kasteel Construction and Coating Inc.

Our focus is on developing specific affiliations to align ourselves with a number of credible companies who share similar values and bring a vast expertise and capacity to the table within the types of services we want to provide to our clients. These affiliations allow us to key in on our skill sets and experience in order to work in collaboration on larger projects in the North.

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Stonhard – Division of Stoncor Group of Companies

Kasteel is the Exclusive Northern Agent for Stonhard – Division of Stoncor Group of Companies, the unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance floors. Their seamless, long lasting, easy to clean systems are engineered for both industrial and commercial markets. Epoxy, urethane and fast-track methyl methacrylate resin-based systems deliver a broad range of options for every market and application.


Colony Construction

Kasteel (Northern Trusted) and Colony (Building Happiness) have similar values, we collaborate on joint projects which brings the capacity to perform much larger projects (up to $100 million). Colony offers experience and skill while Kasteel brings the relationships and Northern Development. Colony has been in business for 30+ years, over 500 buildings have been constructed on 4 continents. Their team of people have a love for construction with a primary focus on general contracting and steel building installations.



Norseman Structures

Kasteel and Norseman Structures collaborate on large scale projects to capitalize on a supply of diverse products and to gain collective expertise for our Northern workers. Kasteel supplies our northern workforce to erect Norseman buildings in the North. Norseman has been in the shelter and protection business for almost 100 years. Today they deliver intelligently designed ShelterSolutions to customers in every industry and in a variety of climates around the world




Kasteel is proud to be a Northern representative for Carboline, who has been the leader in industrial fireproofing for over 30 years. We are excited to be able to provide our Northern clientele the widest range of intumescent and cementitious fireproofing in the industry which offers a level of unparalleled performance.

All of Carboline’s industrial fireproofing products have been rigorously tested and have a proven track record of performance when subjected to the harshest environmental conditions and the extreme heat of hydrocarbon fire.




Kasteel and Demilec share similar fundamentals: innovation, quality, and commitment

Demilec is an industry leader in polyurethane spray foam insulation and has been developing and distributing a wide range of foams and products that are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient for over 30 years. We believe these products will play an important role in creating a cleaner environment while providing superior quality of life for people where they work and live. Demilec’s products are designed to be part of the solution to environmental challenges.