Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements are any interior changes made to a commercial or industrial building to meet the requirements of the tenant. No matter what type of remodeling services are required, Kasteel will collaborate with you to understand the needs to ensure the space is transformed into a functional model that operates properly and efficiently.

  • Renovations of occupied facilities
  • Major office construction and new builds
  • Shell and core upgrades and infrastructure replacement
  • Tenant and capital improvement build outs

Energy Efficiency Rebates through the Arctic Energy Alliance

Improving a commercial building?

If those improvements include energy efficiency upgrades, you may be eligible for a rebate.

Before the work begins, contact the Arctic Energy Alliance to find out more:

Phone: 920-3333     Email:  info@aea.nt.ca     Website: www.aea.nt.ca

Client Testimonials

Commercial Renovation Project – First Nations Bank

Trevor’s hands-on attitude gave us the confidence that projects would be completed as scheduled and Trevor kept the lines of communication open at all times. The project completion process was managed in a very satisfactory manner.

Trevor’s  energy has been a great benefit to the project as he has been our “boots on the ground” for any challenges that have arisen. He has been instrumental in handling unforeseen circumstances with the renovation, the building owner and the local regulatory body. Even though there is 2000km between our office and the project location, we know exactly what is happening on site as a result of Trevor’s communicative efforts.

Industrial Renovation Project – Summit Air Hangar

Kasteel’s commitment to completing the job in a safe and efficient manner was evident from the start and aligned well with our organizations commitment to safety. The Kasteel Team coordinated seamlessly with their subtrades and presented themselves with a high level of professionalism. Timelines for the project were well defined and regular communication ensured that all parties expectations were met. The final product is one that was delivered ahead of schedule and in line with expectations. I look forward to working with Kasteel on our next project.

Commercial Tenant Improvement – Chateau Nova – Suites Building

We have found Trevor’s work to be top notch and efficient. Trevor has a very professional attitude and maintains a great working relationship with all involved. He is very thorough and fast with any task asked of him and has a stronger sense of communication than any other contractor I have worked with in the past. I look forward to working with Kasteel in the future on other projects.

Commercial Renovation Project – Yellowknife Elk’s Lodge #314

We found the quality of workmanship exceptional and the project was completed in a timely manner. We were pleased with the cohesiveness in which Kasteel willingly collaborated with our construction committee. Therefore we strongly recommend Kasteel for any project that they would bid on in the future.

Office Space Renovation Project – Tlicho Government

Trevor is a hard-working, responsible individual who has the skills and abilities to excel in any construction job. He is courteous and when working with tight time lines manages to meet challenges that might arise by offering solutions that are practical and insightful … breaking large issues into manageable segments. He communicated frequently with us as a client, ensuring that we were informed and had a clear understanding of any design issues. The quality of work which I have seen so far is outstanding. 

Trevor is upfront and communicative and works in such a way to ensure the job is completed above and beyond expectation with minimum disruption. Trevor is very knowledgeable in his field and it was a pleasure to work with someone who offered solutions when issues arose and has built a team that works cohesively together and obviously respect Trevor and take pride in their jobs. I highly recommend the Kasteel Team.

Building Renovation Project – Northwest Territories Teachers Association

Our renovation was handled in a professional and timely manner. Attention to detail, superb organization and technical knowledge are hallmarks of Trevor’s company. The workmanship was excellent, the scheduling was right on and everything came together on budget. I would highly recommend Kasteel for any project a client has in mind.

Building Addition Project – Northwest Territories Teachers Association

Our Association embarked on the addition of two offices above our boardroom after having a rather bad renovation experience previously. Kasteel did an amazing job, the crew were very accommodating and went out of their way to make sure our business was not disrupted. We were in our new offices right on time and on budget. Working with Kasteel has been an excellent experience and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Kasteel is fully licensed, trained and certified.

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