Steel Building Design and Construction

Kasteel provides full-service construction management and specializes in pre-engineered buildings, general contracting and in providing design/build services. Whether it’s pre-engineered or designed from scratch, steel buildings offer a fast and efficient building solution for your next construction project.

Benefits of Steel Buildings:

  • From production to long-term use, steel buildings provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials.
  • Steel’s unique ability to be recycled means it has less of an environmental impact and costs less during production.
  • Steel buildings also provide increased heating and cooling efficiency, protecting your building from expensive heat loss, as well as keeping much-needed cooling.
  • Steel is so durable, standing up to all sorts of weather conditions and resisting corrosion, steel buildings have a reputation for being long-lasting and maintenance-free for decades.

Kasteel works in collaboration with Colony Construction to perform much larger projects in the North, up to $100 million. Colony offers experience and skill while Kasteel brings the relationships and Northern Development. Colony has been in business for 30+ years, over 500 buildings have been constructed on 4 continents. Their team of people have a love for construction with a primary focus on general contracting and steel building installations.

Kasteel is fully licensed, trained and certified.

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