Insurance Restoration

Kasteel will work with you and your insurance company to provide quality workmanship throughout your residential, commercial or industrial restoration project. From water damage – to fire damage – to mold and asbestos damage, you can rest assured that your needs are covered every step of the way by a reputable and professional company.

With our experience and determination, our team will help bring your home or building back to life again.

Client Testimonials

Commercial Fire Restoration Project – Coyote’s Restaurant

We initiated the rebuild process with the understanding that we would require a change in scope at some point in the process; it was critical that we select a general contractor that we could trust to move the process forward. Trevor Kasteel took the initiative to keep the process moving forward, an indicator of his commitment to a customer focused process. Their lead superintendent Darren McPhee is extremely knowledgeable construction professional and is dedication to quality workmanship while maintaining open and proactive communications with the subs and end customer. These values instilled by Trevor and Darren at the leadership level have extended to the rest of their organization who are committed to the internal protocols and procedures expected of a professional construction company and necessary to complete an insurance rebuild process.

Kasteel has proven themselves to be a capable and professional organization. I value their service and would make the decision to hire them without reservation.

Residential Fire Restoration Project

The Kasteel Team consulted us on a regular basis along with our Architect and made us feel a complete part of the planning and reconstruction process. We were particularly pleased with the regular communication we received from Kasteel team members, their attention to detail and craftsmanship and helpful suggestions they made as we progressed through the stages of the work. We were also very impressed with the follow-up attention we received to make sure the final minor elements were completed in our home. We highly recommend Kasteel for anyone interested in new builds, renovations or insurance projects.

Residential Fire Restoration – YK Condo Corp #22

Kasteel was the contractor for rebuilding our carport after the fire. I was very impressed with the work performed and it was refreshing to see the site was kept orderly and free of debris. Even with the poor weather, Trevor kept the project on schedule and we were very happy with the end result.

Kasteel is fully licensed, trained and certified.

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