FIT Testing

Respirators play a very important role in the protection of workers and fit testing is a vital component of an effective Respiratory Protection Program. Kasteel is committed to the safety of our employees and our community, therefore we have a Certified Fit Tester on staff.

What is Fit Testing?

Fit testing is a process that evaluates the fit of a respirator to ensure it fits the users face properly to protect an individual from inhaling hazardous contaminants. This is part of a respirator safety protection program that educates employers and workers on the proper care, use and limitations of respiratory protection devices.

Qualitative Fit Test is a pass/fail test method that relies on the subjects’ sensory response (sense of taste, smell, or involuntary cough) to detect a challenge agent in order to assess the adequacy of the respirator fit.


Why is Fit Testing necessary?

Fit Testing each model of respirator the employee is to use in workplace tasks before their use is important to assure the expected level of protection is provided by minimizing the total amount of contaminant leakage into the face piece. The benefits of this testing include better protection for the employee and verification that the employee is wearing a correctly-fitting model and size of respirator. Higher than expected exposures to a contaminate may occur if users have poor face seals with the respirator, which can result in excessive leakage.

As per the CSA standard, a person needs to be Fit Tested every two years, or if they change the make/model/size of the respirator they are going to use.

A person also needs to be re-fitted if there is any physical change that might affect the way the respirator fits (ie: broken nose, new dentures, cosmetic surgery, obvious weight change, etc.).

Kasteel has a certified Fit Tester on staff and can provide testing services at your workplace or at our shop.
Please contact our office to inquire about rates and scheduling an appointment.
Discounts for Fit Testing more than one person at the same time.

Each Fit Test takes roughly half an hour or less. To save time and to support a successful Fit Test, please take note of the following:

  • Have the masks ready and make sure they are the right size for the right person (ie: small, med, large).
  • It is preferable to use new masks.
  • Ensure new filters are in the masks.
  • Ensure that each employee is clean shaven.
  • Employees to be tested should not drink any coffee, eat or smoke half an hour prior to being tested.

Kasteel is fully licensed, trained and certified.

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