Tli Cho Government – Head Office Renovation

Project: Tli Cho Government – Head Office Renovation

Scope of Work: Head office renovation included the completion of six offices, reception area, two washrooms, small kitchen, photocopy room and two boardrooms. This project had tight timelins and involved electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, plus the design and extensive construction of the interior office space.

Architect: GUY Architects

Completion Year: 2012

Tli Cho (Dogrib) is a First Nations organization representing the Tlichǫ Nation of the Northwest Territories.

What our clients have to say about us …

Office Space Renovation Project – Tlicho Government

Trevor is a hard working, responsible individual who has the skills and abilities to excel in any construction job. He is courteous and when working with tight time lines manages to meet challenges that might arise by offering solutions that are practical and insightful … breaking large issues into manageable segments. He communicated frequently with us as a client, ensuring that we were informed and had a clear understanding of any design issues. The quality of work which I have seen so far is outstanding. 

Marjorie Matheson Maund, Implementation Facilitator

Tlicho Government

Office Space Renovation Project – Tlicho Government

Trevor is upfront and communicative and works in such a way to ensure the job is completed above and beyond expectation with minimum disruption. Trevor is very knowledgeable in his field and it was a pleasure to work with someone who offered solutions when issues arose and has built a team that works cohesively together and obviously respect Trevor and take pride in their jobs. I highly recommend the Kasteel Team.


Gil Vallee, Area Director Atlific Hotels, General Manager

Sheraton Red Deer Hotel (in conjunction with Tlicho Office Renovation Project)