Mission Statement

Kasteel Construction and Coatings Inc. aims to provide the best quality construction for the best possible value. We will treat those we work with, and work for, with respect, honesty, and fairness; just the way we wish to be treated.

Our goal is to be a respected leader in the local and northern construction industry and to make a positive contribution to the communities we work in.

Core Values

Kasteel Construction and Coatings Inc. is committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. As part of our team, you will discover that the pursuit of excellence will be truly a rewarding aspect of your career with us. As a team member, you must “own” the results of your productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make every contact with Kasteel Construction and Coatings Inc. a positive and rewarding experience. We will go above and beyond our customer’s expectations at every opportunity.

Silence is Compliance

We speak our minds with each other in order to make sure that all opinions and viewpoints are considered prior to making decisions. If we do not agree with something and do not speak up about it then, by our silence, we are agreeing with the decision. It is unacceptable to come back to these situations after the fact.

Have Fun!

We have a contagious attitude. We enjoy what we do and the people that we work with and it shows.

Thinking Outside the Box

We are always looking for a different, better way of doing things. We like to consider all ideas because we know that sometimes the best solutions often come from the most unlikely places.

Partnership for Success

In order to fulfill our mission and accomplish our goal, we work with each other and our clients on a partnership level. We know each person’s involvement, no matter their role, from laborer to project manager to owner, is equally important.

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